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Local Services

  • Monthly Maintenance Package-Starts at $99

    Monthly Maintenance Package-Starts at $99

    Our Monthly Service Plans start at just $99/month.  This service is available to customers within 50km of our Whitby Location.  Additional charges may apply to customers outside of this area.  Monthly...

  • ( Packages Available)
Have your hot tub cleaned top to bottom by the professionals. Your spa is drained and cleaned. All plumbing lines flushed and sanitized. Filter(s) removed and cleaned, on site water analysis, complete equipment inspection, cover removed and cleaned and spa refilled and operational.

    Spa and Swim Spa Cleaning- Starting at $199

    Spa cleanings are completed by the hot tub specialists from Arctic Spas Durham.     *Spa Cleaning ………………… From $199 * Drain * Clean acrylic surface * Rinse...

  • Don’t use your spa during the cold months? Let the responsibility fall on us to shut down your spa. Lines drained and flushed, anti-freeze added, all pumps decommissioned and gaskets stored and cover cleaned. Spa covered with protective cover at additional cost. Book your opening at the same time for additional savings.

    Spa Closing (Winterizing)-Starting at $279

    Spa closings and Winterizings are completed by the hot tub specialists from Arctic Spas Durham.     Spa Closing …………………….. From $279 * Flush & Drain...

  • Moving, replacing a spa or buying a spa and you have nobody to deliver? We have all the equipment and personnel necessary to make the move easy.

    Spa Move-Starting at $300

    Spa moves are completed by the professionals from Arctic Spas Durham located in Whitby, Ontario.  Charges for a spa move are $150/hour with a 2 hour minimum charge.  Time is charged from time of the movers leaving...

  • You never know what to expect when your spa has been closed for several months. Hot tub will be unpackaged, cleaned, disinfected, all o-rings on pumps and heaters replaced, acrylic cleaned, cover cleaned and protected, on site water analysis, filter reinstalled, filled and operational.

    Spa Opening-Starting at $249

    Spa openings are completed by the hot tub specialists from Arctic Spas Durham.       *Spa Opening ……………………. From $249 * Remove anti-freeze *...

  • Spa Problem Diagnosis

    Spa Problem Diagnosis

    Does your spa require service?  Not sure what is wrong?  For just $95 Arctic Spas Durham will dispatch a technician to your home, diagnose the issues with your spa and provide a quote via email for the parts and...